Sheri Thomas

for Assessor-Recorder 2022
Integrity - Experience - Leadership


 Endorse Sheri today! 


Endoresments received from 4 County Supervisors and the retiring Assessor Recorder!

Very pleased to report that we now have endorsements from retiring Assessor-Recorder Sean Saldavia and  County Supervisors:  Manu Koenig, Zach Friend, Ryan Coonerty, and Bruce McPherson.


Endorsed by Supervisor Koenig

Had a great meeting with First District Supervisor Manu Koenig and his staff today and am pleased to receive his Endorsement of me for Santa Cruz County Assessor-Recorder 2022!

2/15/2022 Update

Declaration of Candidacy

It’s official! I have the signatures, completed all the paperwork, submitted my candidate’s statement, and taken my oath. I will be on the June 7th 2022 ballot as candidate for Assessor-Recorder. 

1/23/2022 Update

Very thankful for all of our latest supporters! Next step, Candidate filing.

Its been a productive weekend gathering nomination signatures in preparation of my candidate filing.

Thank you for your support: Kathy Kemp, Tom Kemp, Jake Kemp, Sonya Padron, Peggie Lopez, Melanie Lopez, Megan Bridges, Catherine DuFort, Stephen DuFort, Darvin Awe, Erika Seligsohn, Peter Hartman, Neelu Sangha, Harmel Sangha, Teresa Hartman, and Gary Bird!

1/10/2022 Update 

Retiring Assessor-Recorder Sean Saldavia offers support alongside Chief Deputy Assessor Valuation and Chief Auditor!

I am honored to formally receive the support of Sean Saldavia, Assessor-Recorder; Claudia Cunha, Chief Deputy Assessor Valuation, and Herman Banuelos, Chief Auditor.   With these key signatures I have now submitted my first official signature-in-lieu/nomination signatures.   I appreciate your support and confidence in me as I aim to become the next Assessor-Recorder.

November 15, 2021

Sheri Thomas formally announces her intent to run for Santa Cruz County Assessor-Recorder

I have the great good fortune to have a job that I thoroughly enjoy. I enjoy the work that I do, the people I work with, and serving the public. I am proud of the Assessor’s Office and our track record of providing excellent customer service, on time delivery, and setting high standards in conforming to property tax laws. 


During my tenure with the Assessor's Office I have demonstrated my ability to lead staff, sought opportunities for innovation, embraced change, and produced tangible results. I have increased the productivity, performance, and accountability of the divisions I currently oversee while fostering a culture of teamwork and a committment to making customer service a priority.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve as Santa Cruz County’s next Assessor-Recorder. With my education, training, experience, and demonstrated abilities as a leader I am excited for the opportunity to seek additional ways to improve the effectiveness and overall operation of the department.

I would appreciate your vote for Sheri Thomas for Assessor-Recorder on June 7, 2022.